Wire Rope Pulling Machine / Winch

Wire Rope Pulling Machine / Winch

Wire rope pulling machines may also be called a wire rope winch or a cable puller.

They are an easily portable device that may be used to lift, symptoms lower, this site pull, tension and secure loads, making them an extremely versatile piece of equipment, and one that is used in abundance across a wide variety of industries, such as, farming and agriculture, mining, quarries, vehicle recovery, construction and forestry.

Their popularity is often down to the fact that they are easy to pick up and move to where needed, they can be used in almost any position and at any angle, and the fact that they are a relatively simple device, with no gears or mechanical parts, which means that they are very easy to maintain; what’s more, they can be used with any length of rope you like, and are available from us, Lifting Equipment ltd, in 800, 1600 or 3200kg safe working load capacities.

Maintenance only requires regular greasing and inspecting the shearing pins before each use. The shearing pins are the overload prevention and are usually supplied with a spare set. It is however important to check over the wire rope at frequent intervals, looking for any damage which could affect the safety of the operation.

Wire rope pulling machines have 2 jaws which move along the rope (like a hand over hand action) simply pulling it through, by means of cranking the lever/handle to move the jaw;, the jaws grip the wire rope straight away, and as the loads get heavier, the more tightly they clamp on.

A further advantage to these wire rope pulling machines is that the pulling capacity can be increased by the use of additional sheave blocks and pulleys; you should always consult the manufacturers or an experts instructions as to how to calculate the varying capacity ratings when using sheave block techniques.


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