Why A Mobile Gantry Makes Sense

The mobile gantry is one of the more common forms of lifting equipment and understandably so – it really and truly makes sense as a piece of lifting equipment and works well for a wide range of jobs and types of work.

The device offers that often elusive mix of power and also mobility and is both strong and secure. It works well in a variety of different areas and as such is chosen in a disperse number of industries. The item uses a variety of different additions and so can be used in a number of environments, what is ed terrains and different sorts of work.

For instance, cheap parking jacks are one of the more common additions added to this item and can offer stability on uneven ground – something not many items can compete with. The fact you can bring the mobile gantry to numerous places on the back of a vehicle and there is no real issue with transport means that it is useful for a variety of purposes.


The addition of mobile jacks mean the item can be raised to 450mm altogether or on each leg to aid stability, with small regular intervals to ensure that the mobile gantry is steadfast in the ground.

These items are of course, tested to the highest safety standards just as you would expect, so there is no issue with using them at all. These declarations of conformity and CE mark ensure that the standard is the very highest it can be.

The items are quick and easy to assemble, something that many people really appreciate about them. This means they can be used for small jobs and then tidied up and then transported elsewhere. The addition of wheel also means that they can be pushed from one area to another quite easily and once onsite makes the whole notion very versatile. The addition of brakes prevents movement and ensures that the item is safe and sound when in position.

High Power Add-ons

High powered electrical additions mean the item can be used in a number of scenarios. The addition of a manual chain block and electric hoist, among other additions means that the process of lifting can be made a lot easier. This makes the mobile gantry both a powerful and a brilliantly mobile solution for a variety of uses.

Additional options such as a festoon wheel or a isolator switch also have their part to play with the item and aid its use significantly. These can ensure that it is strong, mobile and also safe, with the addition of CE status.

The mobile gantry is one of the more popular pieces of equipment and it’s understandable when you consider the benefits and the versatility on offer. They are easy to move, powerful and safe and also quite affordable and that’s what makes them a piece of equipment to be reckoned with.

Lifting Gear direct manufactures their own mobile gantry systems to suit your requirements.

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