Using a Mobile Lifting Gantry Safely

Mobile lifting gantry systems are a very versatile piece of lifting equipment, abortion commonly used across many industries, buy however, as with all types of lifting equipment, they have their own set of procedures to follow to ensure the gantry is used safely, if not followed, and the necessary precautions are not taken then accidents can occur.

When you purchase a new mobile lifting gantry, you should be given a copy of the “safe use” instructions for your files, we are aware that these can sometimes get lost, so we have compiled a short version, highlighting the main points for your benefit.


  • Move a loaded gantry
  • Place anything against the gantry, i.e. ladders
  • Allow anyone to walk under a loaded gantry
  • Allow loads to swing if at all possible
  • Tow a gantry with a vehicle

Allowing loads to swing and trying to move a loaded gantry will offset the centre of gravity and could cause the gantry to tip over.


  • Inspect/check over the gantry before each use, looking for possible problems, such as, loose/missing bolts, cracked welds, debris on the runway and faulty brakes/parking jacks
  • Do a test lift to ensure the load is stable
  • Use wheel locks, brakes or parking jacks, ensuring they are locked securely before lifting
  • Make sure the ground is as level as possible to avoid tipping.
  • Place the gantry directly over the load to be lifted

Load stability is vital to a safe lift.

Another very important task to remember is to have the gantry inspected by a qualified person each year, this is a requirement, and ensures your gantry is safe for use, and new certification will be given for your records. Lifting Equipment ltd can arrange and carry out full inspections for you, give our team a call to book in now.



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