Used Electric Hoist

Purchasing second hand lifting equipment can be a great value and really be ideal for the job at hand once it is looked after and kept in good condition. Lifting equipment is fortunate in that once it is looked after it should work for a long time. This means that a company looking for used lifting equipment such as a used electric hoist can be quite lucky and find some great bargains out there.

This can mean not only do you get some great low cost gear, search but also that it is almost as good as new. This means that you can keep the equipment for years to come and if you look after it, viagra you can also sell it for a quite good price, making it quite a good investment.

However, the best of way of ensuring your used electric hoist or other piece of lifting equipment is in good shape, is to have it checked.

Initially, all equipment will have been checked and looked over for problems and will carry a number of certificates, depending on where it was sold. In the EU it will have an EC Declaration of Conformity. This will state that it complies with the European Machinery Directive.

Lifting equipment will have been checked on a number of occasions for different things; however it’s hard to know what to look for in used electric hoists. Well, things to watch out for include:


Keep an eye to ensure that there are no cracks in the item itself. Cracks or fissures in the body or for that matter any part of the lifting equipment may tell signs of wear and tear and mean that the device will not last as long as it should. These cracks can cause a whole host of issues and mean that the device is dangerous.

Electric Hoist

The hoist itself is quite a simple piece of electronics but it also requires regular servicing and plenty of care to ensure that it is at its best. A decent electric hoist will be looked after and you should get a specialist to check to ensure that it is kept at top quality and that there are no problems with bearings, cogs or electronics. A warranty for second hand materials is often a good sign of a used electric hoist.

The Little Things

Of course, there are a number of other things that you can look at to determine the condition of a second hand hoist. From the reputation of the lifting company, to whether there is documentation to suggest care.

Professional advice from an independent third party is often the best way to determine how good of condition it is in. A professional person who looks at these devices every day often has the best idea on how well cared for or looked after a piece of equipment like this actually is.

Lifting Equipment ltd offers many types of electric hoists, and often have used/reconditioned hoists in stock: Contact Us for any advice, information or a quote on used electric hoists.

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