Why You Should Use Lifting Equipment – Not Just Muscle Power!

Lifting is an everyday occurrence for most people, decease whether it is a laundry basket or just the kettle, sale rarely causing any problems, however for those working in many industrial areas where the lifting and manoeuvring of heavy, large or just awkward loads is a frequent occurrence, using just muscle power alone can cause many problems.

Muscle and skeletal injuries often occur through lifting heavy objects; repetitive strain injuries occur when the same type of movements are carried out frequently. Neck and shoulder injuries are also common to frequent lifters, as are lower back problems, even the more serious slipped discs. All of these injuries are the type which can take quite a time to put right, as rest is usually the best way to a speedy recovery.

With this in mind you can see that these injuries can have many implications to a business, in particular small businesses; here’s why;

  • Time off for recuperation means you will be a man down, slowing up jobs
  • Sick pay and or insurance premiums
  • Possible negligence claims
  • Lower and slower output
  • Lower efficiency

All these facts will have a negative impact on your business, especially cost wise, which is easily apparent from the above. Slower output and lower efficiency can cost small businesses greatly both in pounds and integrity/reliability of the business; this can cause loss of future business and customers.

All of these problems can be easily addressed. By using some form of lifting equipment instead of sheer muscle power, the risk of injuries can be greatly reduced and sometimes even eliminated. The lifting equipment could be anything from a simple hoisting device, to a mobile gantry or Jib crane, with some form of sling to hold the load. There is a wide array of lifting equipment on offer, so you should be able to find a product to suit your lifting requirements. Whichever lifting equipment you choose, it will do all the hard work and so there will be no need to put strain on the muscles or skeleton, a further big advantage to using lifting equipment is that the task will often be completed quicker and much safer, if used correctly.

So, although there may be an initial outlay to purchase the lifting equipment, think of the time and money it could potentially save you, and by increasing productivity it could even make you money. In today’s health and safety conscious society, risk reduction and safe lifting is a big concern for any business and should be taken seriously.


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