Scaffold Hoists

What is a scaffold hoist?

A scaffold hoist is exactly as its name suggests, look it is a hoisting device which attaches to a scaffold pole.

Who uses them?

Scaffold hoists are frequently used by builders, roofers and construction workers, or anywhere that scaffolding systems are used.

Why are they used?

Scaffold hoists are used primarily to make it safer, faster and easier to get tools and materials up to higher levels.

With the basic questions answered, let us now look at scaffold hoists a little closer.

Builders, roofers, construction workers and the like frequently need to get tools and materials up to high levels on building type projects. This can be a lengthy, physically demanding and hazardous task; through using a scaffold hoist, these problems can be easily overcome. The task will be carried out much quicker, much less physically demanding and much less hazardous, how so, you may ask! Well firstly it will be less physically demanding as you will only need to attach the tools and materials to the scaffold hoist, not physically carry it up some ladders; secondly, because the scaffold hoist is electrically powered, the touch of a button is all it needs to transport your tools quickly to precisely where they are needed; and lastly the task will be less hazardous because there will be little exertion on the human skeleton, reducing the risk of injuries, also it will be much less likely that the tools/materials and/or the person carrying them will fall, injuring themselves or somebody else.

Scaffold hoists also have various attachments that can be even more advantageous; wheel barrow chains for example, allow the complete wheelbarrow full of materials to be lifted to wherever it is required; mortar buckets and rubbish chutes are also available.

In short a scaffold hoist will be a cost effective purchase. It will enhance site safety, allow tasks to be completed quicker, and could even reduce the manpower needed to complete the task within the timescale given. Check out our scaffold hoist page for a wide selection of models, or call our sales team for a very competitive quote.

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