Quick safety checks for lifting equipment before each use

Before you use any type of lifting equipment you should give it the once over to check for any defects or potential problems, diagnosis which could cause serious safety issues.  Here are some basic things to look out for, pill and remember, if any problems are observed, or if you are in anyway unsure, DO NOT use the equipment until it has been thoroughly inspected and tested by a qualified person.

  • Check all housing/casings for cracks etc.
  • Check all moving parts run smoothly.
  • Check all framework for distortions and cracked welds
  • Check that all safe working load marking are readable
  • Check all hooks, shackles and other anchor points for cracks, distortions and bent pins etc.
  • Check all safety catches are present and functioning correctly.
  • Check all bolts are present and tight.
  • Check that chain is in good condition, no cracks, bends, kinks, stretched or distorted links.
  • Check chain guides are working correctly
  • Check for any loose parts
  • Check wire rope for kinks, breaks and general wear
  • Check all end stops are present and not damaged, if applicable
  • Check all fixings are secure
  • Check all braking systems function correctly
  • Check web slings for damage; cuts, fraying and chemical attack.
  • Check runway areas are clean and clear of debris.
  • Check all screw threads for wear and damage
  • Check all attachment points for wear, cracks and/or distortions
  • Check all levers/handles operate correctly
  • Check jaws on clamps for wear and distortions
  • Check all electrical connections are safe.



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