Plate Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment ltd is able to supply, prescription inspect and repair all types of plate lifting equipment.

There are a variety of devices available to assist in the lifting of steel plate materials, approved firstly there are plate clamps, find these are available in horizontal, vertical or multi position models; they are usually attached to a hoisting device to facilitate the lifting; the plate clamp will clamp tightly on to the steel plate materials and hold them in the respective position. Plate clamps are normally used in pairs, or more for stability.

Plate lifting dogs also attach to a hoisting device, but the dogs are placed under the plate material on which it will rest in a horizontal position, the horizontal gripping force is applied via the chain sling to which the dogs are usually fitted to, this ensures a secure grip as the load is raised.

Lifting Magnets are also commonly used to lift sheet steel which is ferro-magnetic.  Once again the magnet will be attached to a hoisting device initially. The magnet is placed onto the sheet steel and the lever locked down to create the magnetic force needed to securely lift the steel, sometimes 2 magnets are used in tandem with the use of a spreader beam for larger sheets. Lifting magnets leave little or no marks on the materials and so can be beneficial for certain items.

Each type of plate lifting device is available in a variety of models, with various capacity ratings, so there will be something to suit most requirements. Contact our sales team for more information, advice or a competitive quote.

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