Does your Lifting Equipment Need Inspecting?

Does your Lifting equipment need inspecting?
If you use any type of lifting equipment, big or small it will need professionally inspecting at least every 12 months by law. Some items require inspecting every 6 months.
The term lifting equipment covers everything used in a lifting operation, from the crane right down to the lifting slings and connectors like shackles and hooks and everything in-between, for example electric hoists, lifting magnets, chain blocks and lever hoists.

Lifting Equipment Ltd offer a service whereby once you book in your first inspection of purchase one of our Jib cranes or Mobile lifting gantries, then you will be entered into our system, so that your next due inspection date will be flagged, we will then contact you just prior to this to book in your next lifting equipment inspection


We have a team of qualified inspectors to carry out this process to keep your lifting equipment in tip top working order, and most importantly supply you with the necessary paperwork to keep in your records to show you abide by the law and have your equipment inspected regularly. A must should health and safety come calling or there are any accidents.


During the inspection process, any problems that are observed are noted and then you will be offered a service to correct this quickly to keep you up and running. This could range from a full service and re-load testing, repairs if possible or replacement if not.

We offer very competitive prices for this service and our product prices are often unbeaten.
So if you use any type of lifting equipment and you either haven’t had it inspected before, or your next inspection is due, give our sales team a call (contact details on our homepage) They are always happy to help.


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