Lifting Equipment Inspections – The Legalities

If your company uses any type of lifting equipment, web then there are strict guidelines to follow as set out by L.O.L.E.R the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations body. These cover using and maintaining your equipment and cover lifting equipment inspections.

In brief they refer to lifting equipment, which is any equipment/device used to lift, lower and move a load, and will also include all attachments and fittings used for anchoring/fixing and/or supporting. L.O.L.E.R also refers to lifting accessories which includes equipment used for attaching the load to the lifting device; so basically you should include every single item used in the lifting process. From hoist to hook; sling to shackle.

It is not only essential to ensure any type of lifting equipment is installed correctly and initially safe to use, but probably even more important to ensure that the equipment remains in good working condition and is safe to use.

Because lifting equipment is used for arduous tasks, it is put through its paces, and can often suffer damage, sometimes without you realising it. Many things can go wrong, shock loading could cause welded seams to crack or distort, chain links could wear and bend, gears inside hoists could become deformed, and braking systems not working properly; these are just a few possibilities which could all have a detrimental effect on the safety of your equipment. It is for these reasons that regular checks should be undertaken by a competent person to look for such problems, and have them repaired or replaced a.s.a.p.

Alongside these frequent checks it is a legal requirement that all lifting equipment and devices are professionally inspected on a yearly basis, and lifting accessories every 6 months, or perhaps more frequently, depending on how your equipment is used, and also if potential problems are observed then it is wise to have it professionally checked, so that any problems can be put right and re-certification can be issued to prove the safety of the equipment. If your lifting equipment is used to lift people, then professional inspections should be carried out on a 6 monthly basis.

Health and safety can just show up to do spot checks, so it is extremely important to have all the necessary paperwork to show your inspections are up to date. Lifting Equipment Ltd and our sister company Lifting Gear Direct can arrange all your lifting equipment inspections for you; give our team a call to book an inspection, carried out by a qualified member of our skilled team. Once booked in for the first time, you will be entered into our system, so that each year, just before your inspections are due, we will contact you to remind you and to book in your next inspection for your lifting equipment. This will relieve you of the worry of having to remember.

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