How To Use Lifting Gear Effectively

There are many businesses operating without using the correct kind of lifting equipment for their operation. What is commonly found is that they decide to make do with the existing equipment that they already have on site in the hope that it will suffice for the new jobs they take on. As you can appreciate, more about this is far from ideal and can cause certain problems to occur that could have otherwise been avoided, in terms of both safety and lifting success. Below we discuss some of the ways you can ensure that you always have the correct lifting gear available to suit all of your jobs, with expert advice from Lifting Equipment Ltd.

Firstly, you need to ensure that you always select the correct lifting gear to suit your job, no matter how big or small. The key question you need to ask yourself is if it has the strength and capacity to lift the items you need to move? The higher the weight lifting capacity of your lifting gear, the easier it is to make the move with minimal risk to people or product.

It is common for certain people to attempt to lift their materials with a piece of equipment not up to the full strength of the job which can put a serious strain on the lifting gear and cause damage to it that will affect its functionality for future jobs, despite them being well within its lifting range. This also means that the lifting gear becomes subject to repair or replacement far soon than anticipated by the manufacturer and adds unnecessary premature costs to your business. Not only that, should the damage go by unnoticed or unattended by your operators, they are then put at serious risk of accident the next time they use that lifting gear.

To ensure you have the right lifting gear to suit all of your jobs you can speak to the experts to gain advice on your different lifting jobs and discuss the right piece of lifting gear to suit your requirements. They’ll be happy to go through your options and ensure that you are investing in the most effective item to serve numerous functions across your business where possible.

It should be noted that all lifting gear is issued with a specified weight lifting capacity, which should be strictly adhered to. By using lifting gear of a lower weight capacity to lift very heavy equipment you really are putting the safety of both yourself and your operators at risk. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that all of your lifting gear is clearly labelled with its maximum weight lifting capacity, that can be viewed at a glance by all of your operators and to implement a simple inspection of all of your gear before it is used.

More in depth inspections should also be carried out on a rotating timetable to ensure that your lifting equipment is always in optimal working order. To make the most of this you need to ensure that your operators are fully trained to know what to look out for and are empowered to speak out when they see things might not be up to scratch. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be assured that with the help of Lifting Equipment Ltd, you’ll always have the correct lifting gear to suit the job.

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