Getting the Most Out of Your Electric Hoist

Purchasing an electric hoist can be fairly costly, viagra approved and so you will want to make sure that you are buying a quality piece of lifting equipment that will stand the test of time, and so will be a cost effective purchase in the long run, and so getting the most out of your electric hoist.

First and foremost, to ensure you get a quality hoist, you will need a reputable lifting gear company who can not only supply you with the electric hoist, but can also offer servicing and inspections (which are a legal requirement), 24hour breakdown services and repairs, in house or on site. Lifting Equipment ltd and Sister Company Lifting Gear Direct are just such companies who can offer the full package at usually unbeatable prices.

We only sell quality products like Yale for example; not cheap imports which often do not stand the test of time and spares are hard to source. We can service and inspect your hoist on a yearly basis and provide you with new certification for your health and safety records. We can enter you into our system, so that we will contact you each 12 months and book you in, eliminating much stress for you.

By having your quality electric hoist serviced regularly, it should give you long service, especially if you look after it, and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, keep it as clean as possible and well lubricated; store it hanging correctly, never shock load or exceed the safe working load.

If you buy a quality electric hoist, should something stop working, spare parts are easy to source, and one of our qualified team can easily repair it for you; this will be a much cheaper option to buying a new hoist.


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