The Different Types Of Lifting Equipment Used In Construction

Construction projects involve lifting of various heavy materials such as mortar and cement. There is need for construction companies to invest in lifting gear or equipments to make it easy for their personnel to move materials from one storey to another without necessarily building scaffolding. There is a wide array of different lifts in the market hence no matter your specific construction needs; you will find one that that best suits your project best.

Here is an in-depth look at the different types of lifting equipments available.

Knuckle lifts:

This are also referred to as articulated boom lifts. Its base is mounted on very sturdy wheels and a turntable that enables it to make 360 rotations easily. The work platform is connected to a steel arm that can bend to reach around obstacles. It is an ideal choice for maintenance or landscaping projects. For example, information pills they can be used to repair exterior piping or access outdoor areas that are hard to clean. There are available in different models such as electrical, healing gasoline powered, solid tire and inflated tire versions that are perfect for more rugged or uneven terrain.

Scissor lifts:

Their capability to lift construction material is limited as compared to boom lifts as they have to be positioned below the work site at all times. Nevertheless, they have a large platform that allows the operator to access an expansive work area when the lift is raised. For best results, make sure that the base is firmly rooted on a flat or even ground. Scissor lifts can be used to carry out window installation and repairs as well as exterior construction repairs.

Bucket trucks:

They are also called cherry pickers in some countries. As the name suggests, they have a bucket that is attached to its boom on one end. They are can used by construction companies to install various fittings in new and old buildings. The boom can be mounted on a truck and transported for long distances. The bucket should always insulated when working near potential shock hazards such as power lines.

Telescoping boom lifts:

This is very similar to the bucket truck lifts. Its bucket is mounted on a straight extendable arm that sits on rotating turntable. They are a perfect choice for jobs that require maximum height because its arm is extendable. They can be used to carry out exterior repairs on medium height buildings without necessarily having to set up a pulley system. Most buckets can only accommodate one personnel at a time. Some of them fitted with electric motors that rely heavily on electricity. There are also models that run gas powered motors.

Hydraulic elevators:

These is a modern lifting gear that have strong hydraulic tubes that can be used to transport construction materials in solid or solution form. Mobile hydraulic elevators can be used to work on medium height buildings while permanent hydraulics elevators can be used to work in tall buildings.

Construction Material Belt:

This is a unique lifting gear used in construction industry to move materials up and down the site. The belt is an angled plane that is made from rigid segments that are interconnected to give it a spine look. Once the materials are placed on the belt it raises them to the designated sites through circulation motions. The modern material belt can be used to transport materials up to eight stories or more.

Electric hoist:

As the name suggests, this is a modern hoist powered by electricity. It consists of a motorized pulley that is fastened by a strong cable. The body is usually mounted on a fixed structure for stability. The pulley can be lowered or raised by the operator by pressing some buttons on the control panel. It is recommendable to regularly carry out maintenance practices on the pulley to enhance its ability to move construction material from one area to another.

All these lifting gear should only be operated by trained personnel to avert accidents in the construction sites. Investing in quality construction lifting equipment is a sure way of ensuring that the construction project is completed on time and as per the set architectural design. Be sure to install the equipment as per the instruction provided by the manufacturer to derive maximum utility from it.

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