Why You Need A Jib

The jib crane is one of the most popular selling cranes and it is understandable why this is the case. The jib offers a range of benefits that other cranes just can’t for the money and is a definite contender for the most versatile form of crane that there is.

Jib cranes are well known for their versatility and also the fact they are very economical space saving devices. However, for sale that doesn’t prevent them from being quite strong and very capable. The jib can be mounted on a wall, floor or column, and the choice here depends on what you think your business would best benefit from.

The swing jib is very common as it does offer a lot of versatility, is very strong and also does not take up much space. The fact it can lift up to 3000kg shows the sheer strength of the device and will give you a good idea of the amount of jobs it can be put towards. It also is mounted and so takes up very little floor space. Add to this the swinging motion, which means it can be used at a range of angles. Generally, these devices are manufactured with a 270 degree slew.

The Swing Jib

One of the other ways they are extremely versatile is in the number of additions that can be added to them. The swing jib crane can have a range of items attached to ensure that it is capable of doing a wide range of different jobs. From manual trolleys, to air hoists, to manual chain blocks and electric hoists; one of the devices biggest strengths is its versatility and its ability to have a range of items added. This means it can perform well in a range of workplaces.

Jib cranes can also be fitted with electric hoists and also if required, a motorised arm can be fitted to the over braced swing jib. This will mean that its arm can perform higher and longer jobs – something many businesses benefit greatly from. This is quite easily added and can really add an extra dimension to the work it can do.


Obviously, purchasing such a simple but effective device is best done from a high quality lifting equipment retailer. This will ensure that you get the most from the jib and have few worries about issues to do with the crane should anything go wrong.

Of course, the jib is just one of many great cranes and items of lifting equipment there are out there and we would strongly advise that you ask around to find out which is the best piece of lifting equipment for you. So, why not do your research and then you will be sure to find a piece of lifting equipment that is designed and suitable for your specific requirements and will allow you to do your work better than you ever imagined.

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