What To Look Out For With Second Hand Lifting Equipment

Buying anything second hand or used involves a little bit of care and inspection and a chain block is no different to this. In fact, advice we would suggest that if you are buying a chain blocks, that you take even more care than you would if you were purchasing other pieces of site equipment.

With a lot of businesses having to watch their takings and their outgoings, a second hand piece of lifting equipment may be the best choice for the books. Of course, there are some great second hand models out there and many we come across are as good as new and have been very much underutilised. Alternatively, there are also cases of less than mint pieces of equipment too.


One of the great things about pieces of lifting equipment is that once they are looked after, they are made to last a long time. This means that once you come across a chain block or other item that has been cared for, you will most likely be set for a long time to come.


A lot of chain blocks and other items come from high end industrial businesses that have replaced them, need an upgrade or are getting rid of them for some similar reason. In a lot of cases these will have been checked, looked after and cared for to the very highest standard. In turn, this means that if they pass the high standards required for such businesses they are in near new working order and when purchased at a snip are nothing more than a bargain.


There is also a growing trend to refurbish such items, meaning that in a lot of scenarios they are essentially new. Any part that is deemed worn is replaced with a new one, though this is seldom reflected in the price and it means that you can really get a great piece of lifting equipment such as a chain hoist for a lot less.

Refurbished items provide you with a virtually new item, which is in many cases guaranteed and comes with a range of paperwork to certify its high quality.

For your business, it means you can free up capital and put it into something else. This little bit extra financial flexibility allows you to put your crane at work as well as your money and can make all the difference during these tighter times.

Professional Inspection

When looking for a nearly new piece of lifting equipment, such as a chain block or gantry crane; it’s always best to purchase from a reputable seller, or get a second opinion from someone in the field who knows what to look out for and what they are talking about. This will help you ensure that you are getting great value for money and saving on your chain block, gantry or overhead crane.

So, why not keep a look out and see what’s out there – it’s always worth considering if you’re in the hunt for new lifting equipment.

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