What To Look For In A Used Electric Hoist

The electric hoist is one of the most versatile and also labour saving devices in the lifting equipment area and can really save on heavy lifting, cure time and effort. The item is used to lower and lift objects  though this involves them being attached to specific hardware.

The electric hoist comes in a variety of sizes and forms, and is available new or as a used electric hoist. Of course, once the device is serviced regularly and cared for as it should be it is almost as good second hand as it is new.

Like most lifting equipment it is extremely important to find one that meets your weight needs and this means finding one with the correct capacity. Of course, the higher the capacity of the item, the more it will cost. However, skimping on the cost is not an option as doing so will greatly limit the number of uses and may mean you will have to replace it sooner than you think as either it won’t be strong enough or it will fail during use.


The electric hoist, whether a new one or a used electric hoist works in a very similar manner to the block and tackle system. Essentially, these hoists came to the fore after the arrival of the engine as it was not possible to motorise the pulley systems and expand the capability significantly.

The hoist is wired directly to the electric motor and this motor can either be powered directly from the mains cables or in some cases is connected to an electric generator. The power of these devices is variable and a rope or a chain can be used. These chains vary in their ability to lift different materials and different chains will have different weight ratios and this is something also to be considered.

The hoist is usually controlled with a switch and this can be used to raise, lower or release the hoist and though it is quite and easy mechanism, it’s something that needs to be treated with care. These forms of equipment can be dangerous is used by someone who is untrained. So, it’s important that they are properly secured and that the people use them know what they are doing.

Whether you use a used electric hoist or a new version  they offer a great opportunity to save on work, effort and time and whether new or a used electric hoist are a great purchase.

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