What To Look For In A Chain Hoist

Chain hoists are fantastic additions to many businesses and because of their versatility are among the most popular pieces of lifting equipment out there.

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These hoists are easy to use, can lift equipment of all sorts and also are extremely efficient in the way they can be used. They are also very precise, which is something that makes them ideal for smaller areas, or on sites where exact positioning is needed. Though the chain hoist is essentially a very simple mechanism it can lift significant amounts of weight and is extremely beneficial in a wide range of jobs.

Of course, there are a variety of these types of hoist out there – so, let’s take a look at how you should choose a hoist for your specific business?


The strength and the weight bearing capacity of the item is one of the most important factors to take note of when lifting with a chain hoist. Hoists vary in their weight lifting abilities and are suitable for small weights of around quarter of a tonne, right up to ten tonnes. Of course, you should consider what you are using the device for, the strength it can lift and how much you need before you choose the specific device. Always choose slightly more than you need in case of an unforeseen circumstance.


The hoist and the type of hoist is one of the factors that decides hook mount. If you need to move the hoist then choose a trolley mounted hoist, if you do not need to move the item then a hook mount will suffice. However, make your mind up before purchasing as any movement at all will dictate that you should use a trolley hoist.


Ensure that the device comes with interchangeable parts before you pick it, as this will make maintenance a lot easier. Like any sort of lifting equipment there is a general amount of wear and tear involved. This means that if a device is easier to service then it can be done quickly and without a need to slow down the work or the production process.


One of the common problems that causes lifting equipment to break is overloading. If you purchase an item with overload control then you will prevent the chance of this happening and this will help ensure your hoist remains in the top condition possible for as long as possible.

Auto Brake Systems

These auto break systems are also advisable and can make all the difference with the hoist. By purchasing a hoist with such a system you greatly reduce the chance of an accident or a problem with the hoist.

Of course, there are a number of other factors involved, however, these are very important and are among the most major considerations when purchasing a new chain hoist.

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