Using The Correct Trolley For Your Load

A chain block is a productive piece of equipment, unhealthy they’re useful in direct lifting particularly in garages hauling engines and chassis or lifting furniture into high buildings. A chain block, advice is also known as a hand chain hoist or block and tackle and is relied upon in many industrial fields of lifting work.

A chain block is also very portable, doctor they can be suspended from a static beam clamp or from a beam travelling trolley which can be pushed manually or powered by electric.

Yale have a range of trolleys compatible to your chain block;

The quick fit beam trolley;

This enables an exact positioning or easy travelling of large loads with manual or powered hoisting equipment. The runners are adjustable to fits a wide range of beams.

Yale CTP beam clamp trolley

These are designed for easy overhead fitting, are easily and quickly adjusted, and are secured with a locking lever, they fix to most hoists.

Many components are supplied in a painted condition offering a level of protection, however after a short period of time corrosion can start to break through these are provided with corrosion protection.

The Yale quick fit beam clamp, locking trolley push and chain drive

This is designed for precise stability, the Pin locks against the steel beam enabling it to be clamped still.

Yale headroom trolley

This is designed for extremely low headroom, which allows it to fit into a very small space. It is also adjustable to individual beam sizes.  These have a 2.4 metre hand chain drop. These hoists have been designed for heavier industrial applications

Spark resistant beam trolley

Is designed for potentially explosive environments and is protected with spark resistant materials. It is fitted with a track clamp which locks it onto the lifting beam, suitable for either travelling or locking heavy loads into place. This trolley can be used with either manual or powered hoisting equipment.

Choosing a chain block for your direct lifting couldn’t be easier, and by choosing the right trolley and accessories for your load, the equipment can be tailored to suit your individual needs. This will allow the lift of heavy weights with the gentle pull of a chain, giving you the reassurance of safety and an efficient loading.

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