Using a Jib Crane Safely

Jib Cranes are a great piece of lifting equipment, treat for lifting and moving heavy loads; since they are a frequently used piece of lifting equipment across many areas, we thought it may be useful to highlight the basic, yet most important safety information regarding the safe use of your Jib crane. You should have a more in depth copy issued when your crane was installed, however we are aware that these often go astray so here are some basics, If you want a full “safe use” sheet, please give us a call.

Firstly ensure your crane is mounted securely and its foundations are able to take the strain. Always have your jib cranes installed by specialists.

  • Check/inspect prior to each use, looking for cracked welds, loose or missing bolts, debris on the runway, objects in path of movement, structural defects and that the jib’s arm slews smoothly.
  • Position the jib arm straight over the load to keep it as close to the centre of the loads gravity as possible to ensure a stable lift
  • Never swing a jib arm, slew it gently; a rapidly swung arm can cause the load to swing out and upset the balance, this is dangerous and may cause the load to be dropped, or it could hit a person or other obstacle.
  • Never let the beam trolley crash into the runway end stops, again this could cause the load to swing out which effectively increases the radial span which is not accounted for.
  • Always ensure the travel path of the slewing arm is clear of obstacles.
  • Always do a trial lift (just clear of the ground) to assess stability
  • All lifting and slewing movements should be bone gradually and steadily to reduce the risk of swinging loads etc.
  • Never allow the jib arm to drag loads across the floor
  • Do not climb on the arm, nor place anything against it, such as a ladder
  • Never let anyone walk under a loaded jib arm


It is imperative to have all jib cranes professionally inspected and tested at yearly intervals, so that new certification can be issued for your files for the next 12 months, should health and safety come calling. Lifting Equipment Ltd can arrange this for you, give our team a call.

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