The Versatility Of Lifting Gantry

The versatility and lifting options a lifting gantry can bring to your business are numerous, case making them one of the most popular choices of lifting equipment to be purchased today. Lifting Equipment Ltd can provide this most useful  of devices alongside a range of additional components, allowing you full flexibility within your workplace as to how you can employ the lifting gantry to best suit the demands of your business.

The basic model is supplied in classic Trafalgar Blue paint with the safety declarations and CE marks of conformity clearly marked for all to see. The lifting gantry are manufactured to meet BS2553 and BS2573 standards which verifies their conformance to high quality standards, testing and inspection. With this in mind you can rest assured that these lifting devices are very safe to use.

The great thing about the lifting gantry is that it really can be utilised in many different ways to assist your workforce to lift many different types of loads. With a full range of accessories for you to add to the basic model, the only limitation is your imagination. Getting to grips with the different applications of the mobile gantry will help to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your lifting gear. The more you begin to integrate its use across a range of jobs that you have, the quicker you’ll begin to see why it’s become so popular.

If you’re in the habit of working with electric hoists or chain blocks, you’ll soon find that they are the perfect compliment to the lifting gantry when lifting heavy loads. Before you combine these pieces of lifting equipment it is well worth contacting the professionals to gain some clear advice on the size requirements you should be working with to ensure safe working levels are being maintained at all weight capacities.

Another functional addition to the lifting gantry is swivel castors, which allow you to easily transport  it across your workplace with relative ease. Highly versatile and operator friendly, the addition of the swivel castors ensures that your lifting requirements can be met on a multitude of jobs in one easy step, particularly if you have a number of stations within your workplace where you need to lift goods to complete the job. It should be noted that a lifting gantry should NEVER be moved whilst under load.

If you tend to work on uneven surfaces, you may want to consider adding the parking jack to your lifting gantry to provide a stable platform to work from and add full versatility to its use. Provided with a leg height change of up to 450mm, invest in this simple accessory and you’ll ensure that your loads are secure no matter what terrain your asked to work on.

As mentioned, the possibilities with a lifting gantry are endless and you might want to try using yours alongside other accessories used within your workplace. For more information on how you can adapt the use of your lifting gantry throughout your business, you may want to contact the experts who provide lifting gear, such as those at Lifting Equipment Ltd, to find out just how versatile this piece of equipment can be.

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