The Benefits Of A Chain Hoist

A chain hoist is ideal for a number of different scenarios that involve lifting and are used by a variety of different industries to move goods from one area to another as they allow the load to be placed precisely. The fact they are also quite simple devices makes them quite easy to use and also ensures that they can lift serious weights with little hassle. However, more about how do you pick one?


Look at the industry you are in or the job you wish to do and then decide on the device at hand. Different hoists come with a range of capacities and this should be the foremost variable in your decision making. For instance, link there is little need in buying a 12 tonne hoist if you seldom lift over a tonne.


Decide on where the hoist will be mounted and also how it will be placed and then use this to inform your decision. You will then need to decide on a trolley mounted hoist if you wish to have a hoist that can be taken and placed from one area to another. If your hoist however will remain immobile then  a hook mount may also be a good idea.

Wear and Tear

When choosing a hoist it is also a good idea to pick one that has interchangeable parts. These hoists will be easier to take care of and you will be able to keep them running at their best longer and also far easier than a hoist where it is hard to get parts.


Protection against overload is also important and can really help to ensure that your hoist is safe and sound and is also protected against you overloading it. These simple load limiters simply won’t lift the item if it is over the weight of the crane’s capabilities. A hoist with an automatic break can also be a good thing too as it allows you better control of the items you are lifting.

Hoists that have efficient spur gearing mean the item can be lifted with a lot less effort. Check the lift wheel pockets to ensure they have a reasonable amount of depth to allow the chain room to move easily, without any issues or obstructions.

The Specs

The specs are important too and you are better off making sure that the frame and covers are created from strong materials. The stronger the hoists chain the better as this ensures longevity. A universal thread trolley wheels are ideal for a trolley mount set up. Choose a hoist that gives you the same moving safety and power on a flat beam mount as on an alternative mount such as a flanged beam mount.

Follow this advice and you should get a suitable chain hoist for your job and not have any worries that it fits the job at hand.

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