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Does your Lifting Equipment Need Inspecting?

Does your Lifting equipment need inspecting? WHY: If you use any type of lifting equipment, big or small it will need professionally inspecting at least every 12 months by law. Some items require inspecting every 6 months. The term lifting equipment covers everything used in a lifting operation, from the crane right down to the […]

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Lifting Equipment Inspections – The Legalities

If your company uses any type of lifting equipment, web then there are strict guidelines to follow as set out by L.O.L.E.R the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations body. These cover using and maintaining your equipment and cover lifting equipment inspections. In brief they refer to lifting equipment, which is any equipment/device used to […]

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Lifting Equipment Inspections

Health and safety concerns, prostate as well as the risk of inspections from the government and employee safety mean that lifting equipment inspections are something any logical business using it should do. The cost to your business of an accident is far greater the price of a lifting equipment inspection or the issues regarding your […]

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