Swing Jib Crane – Physical Considerations

The swing jib crane is a great piece of lifting equipment and one that can be put to a myriad of uses. There are all sorts of things to consider when purchasing a swing jib crane, for sale so let’s take a look at some of the most important things to understand and consider when doing so.


There are a number of dimensions that need to be considered with a crane of this mould. Though like a lot of cranes the swing jib’s most important is the weight of the item at hand. Of course, purchase the distance the item needs to cover must also be calculated and you will also need to measure this.

If there are obstructions you will also need to take into account the height the load will have to be lifted. This can vary depending on the area and also a number of crane factors such as the beam height, the load height also have to be taken into consideration and a six inch safety margin is also often added to this to ensure that the item traverses safely. All of these factors and more should be taken into consideration when choosing a cranes dimensions.

Rotation Options

There are also a number of rotation options available on a swing jib crane. Of course, the larger the area covered the better in most cases. In such a case a rotation stop can be installed, this can be to prevent the crane moving too far and the element of human error causing it to crash into something expensive.


Of course, the style and the configuration are also important and there is one of three configurations generally. These can be adapted to suit most situations, which can save customers money. Within the group of three there is also the option for a floor mounted jib or a wall mounted jib.

A floor mounted swing  jib crane is supported by an upright mast. They are usually positioned in a concrete foundation and can stand upright with no support. Once this is applied properly the device can work in a whole variety of locations and can have quite an impressive lifting capacity. However, if you need more than 15 feet of reach there are other lifting options out there.

A wall mounted swing jib crane is mounted to steel columns, which are in turn mounted to the wall of a building or room. These can come in a variety of styles and are chosen for the maximum lifting height possible. Choosing the style and kind of jib crane you want means you have to take into account a number of things and is something that should be thought about and consulted over before purchase.

Lifting Gear Direct can manufacture swing jib cranes to suit your requirements.


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