Safety Whilst Using Your Mobile Gantry

A mobile gantry offers great support in the direct lifting of heavy workloads. They are versatile, capsule and often on wheels making them easy and safe to move wherever you may require. They are a non permanent fixture, buy easily stored and available for in or outdoor use.

Gantries are available in a range of sizes, sildenafil weight capacities and strengths, they can be folded away for safe storage and can be complimented with equipment like chain slings, manual chain hoists or an electric chain hoist, to suit your individual needs, but with this in mind it’s important to ensure you are using the right equipment for your business.

When purchasing any lifting equipment you should always check that they comply with safety regulations and that the equipment you are using suits the space and weight capacity required.

You should also consider; what type of bracing you will need? And what type of block and trolley you should use.

To ensure that you are using your gantry in the most efficient and safe way you should never neglect your equipment and always check before every use that there are no loose nuts or bolts but also;

  • Always store correctly, in a dry and clean area away from corrosive chemicals
  • Ensure the flooring where the gantry will stand to lift is flat and can take the weight
  • Ensure the gantry is directly over the intended load
  • Disconnect any connected power when moving or turning the gantry
  • When in use make sure you are using brakes, jacks or wheel locks to prevent the gantry from moving during a lift
  • Never move whilst your gantry has a load on
  • Never tow a gantry with a vehicle
  • Never let anyone walk beneath a load
  • Never climb on the gantry or lean ladders on it
  • Ensure you are doing periodical checks for damage
  • Avoid swinging loads
  • Never leave a hanging load unattended
  • Always check the path is clear where you intend to put the gantry
  • Always ensure the anchorage is right for the lifting load
  • Always wear protective gear
  • Never operate whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or when tiredness affects your judgment
  • Check the load is stable and balanced

If you are unsure about the use of any equipment there are training courses available that will teach techniques, preventing accidents, health and safety regulations, safe operating and safe load capacities.

A mobile gantry can be a reliable piece of equipment in your workplace to raise and lower loads in many forms. However, if your loads do require moving you can look on  for different lifting equipment to suit your requirements.

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