Oiling And Looking After Lifting Equipment

One of the simplest ways to keep most equipment, cheapest let alone lifting equipment in good condition is to keep it well-oiled and lubricated. A lot of the issues we see with lifting equipment is related to the whole area of lubrication and oiling.

Of course, medicine rust and wear and tear are a lot more steadfast and take far more of an effect if a piece of lifting equipment is not oiled. Chain blocks are one of the most obvious and most common areas to see the wear and tear and effects of this issue. A dry load chain can cause a lot of issues and rusting and weakening of the load chain is only where the issue begins.

Because a load chain has not been lubricated, this also impacts on the internals of the item and the chain guide and the chain wheel are also damaged. This can mean replacements, which also means money and even injury. Of course, the alternative to this is to purchase some low cost lubrication oil and use it to keep the chain oiled – this alternative option costs a couple of pounds, whereas breakage causes up to hundreds.


The most common signs of a lack of lubrication are a creaking or squeaking in the chain when it is hauled up and runs along the wheel and inside the mechanism. This is the noise of the friction between the two items and this ends up being hard on both the chain and also on the links, as well as the internals of the lifting equipment.

The area between the links is the most important area to keep lubricated and you will need to use a form of lubrication that includes an EP additive. This will ensure that the lubrication stays where it should under the stress of the load. Without this additive, you will find that the lubrication lasts a very short period of time, if long at all and you are damaging the whole mechanism.


Consult your lifting equipment provider and they will inform you what the correct form of lubrication is. Most will suggest placing the chain in some lubricant to cover it and move it around until it is covered. This ensures that each link has lubrication between it and that the chain is protected. Though many people like to add the lubrication when the chain is hanging, it tends to be less effective than placing it completely in the lubrication.

When you have taken the chain out of the lubrication then you should take a rag or an old cloth and remove the excess from the area. This will ensure that it is not messy and none of the lubrication leaks.

Lubrication is all important for keeping lifting equipment ticking over and we would advise you to do it regularly to make the most of your item.

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