Maintenance For Your Lifting Gear

Once you’ve made the investment to support your business with a range of lifting gear essentials you will need to ensure that you implement an on-going maintenance plan to ensure that your equipment is serving you and your business for as long as possible. Considering the amount of stress and strain such equipment is put under on a daily basis, physician it’s no wonder that weaknesses can arise if not properly maintained. An ongoing maintenance plan will help you to identify how well your equipment is bearing up to the pressure and will allow you to recognise when any parts need to be replaced or upgraded before it’s too late.

Known in the industry as Planned Preventative Maintenance, troche or PPM, the idea is that you schedule in regular audits of all of your lifting gear on a rolling basis in order to determine if there are any major problems with your equipment that will prevent it from performing its job safely. This means carrying out a full functionality test of the item and is more than a simple visual inspection.

Lifting Equipment Ltd provide such a service to all of their customers and have a team of experts on hand to carry out your maintenance checks by qualified mechanics. The great thing about this is that you can be completely confident that the inspection will be very thorough and complete and that any servicing or repairs required can be completed for you quickly. With plenty of advice on offer to guide you and your employees on how to best look after your equipment moving forwards, you’ll be certain to see your investment working hard for you for years to come.

Now some people may feel that this sounds like a lot of unnecessary time and money being spent on equipment inspections but you really must consider the alternative before rejecting the idea. PPM allows small problems to be identified and dealt with before they become a big issue for your business and really do help to eliminate high cost replacements, not to mention serious safety risks. In this instance prevention really is better than cure and your employees will thank you for it too.

Another benefit of implementing a PPM schedule into your workplace is that it avoids unpredictable equipment failures which can cause costly downtime to your business and hazardous implications to your employees. As the owner of a business you are obliged to ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to protect your employees from any health and safety risks and PPM ticks the box nicely in this area.

So to get the most out of your lifting gear and ensure the safety of everyone is being best protected, consider implementing your own PPM schedule or call on the help of experts such as those provided by Lifting Equipment Ltd and see just how easy it is to get the most out of your lifting gear for years to come.

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