Are You Looking For Wire Rope Winches?

Wire rope winches are generally utilised in numerous applications from the recovery of vehicles to the rigging of staging curtains.

Winches are available in a wide variety of styles ranging from manual hand operated models to handheld remote control electrically operated winches. Our extensive selection of winches have safe working loads from 50kg to as much as 10000kg. Our electrically controlled winches can be driven by 12v car batterys, pills 3phase electricity or single phase electricity. Our hand operated winches can be operated by, yes, you suspected it, yourself!

Wire rope winches may be floor mounted, wall mounted, car mounted and even further ways to mount rope winches, with our selection of wire rope winches there is a winch for just about every single pulling or hoisting application that should ever necessitate a wire rope winch.

Our electrical and hand operated wire rope winches may be chosen with or even without wire ropes. If you decide to invest in your wire ropes from us you can decide on a swiveling end hook or further substitute fittings. We also provide a substantial range of shackles as well as other winch accessories available from stock. Shackles are useful to connecting your winch to the load, you can use them to ensure a more secure grip on the load and to minimise the risk of the load sliding off the hook.

Recovery and 4×4 Winches:

We have a comprehensive selection of recovery vehicle and 4×4 off road recovery winches, wire rope winches and accessories. Completely mountable of the front of a 4×4 vehicle or on the back of a smooth bed recovery vehicle, our recovery vehicle winches are generally remote controlled for further control and safety.

We have a variety of sheaving blocks readily available for our wire rope winches for more complex setups.

Our range of winches:

  • Wire rope winches
  • Electric Wire Rope Winches
  • Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches
  • Remote Control Winches
  • Car/vehicle Winches
  • 4×4 Winches
  • Recovery Winches

We can provide wire ropes for all winches with requirements to your desires and demands, please contact us for a wire rope quotation.

All of our winches are delivered with certificates of conformity to ensure that they are fit for designed purposes

For more information and wire rope winch sales please contact our sales department.

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