Lifting Magnet Fundamentals

Lifting Magnets, page as supplied by Lifting Equipment Ltd, about it provide an effective solution for lifting and transporting a range of steel equipment within your business. Available in six different models to provide the right lifting power for your job, here once invested in, there really will be no job too big for you to cope with. So if you’re in the business of moving heavy steel objects on a regular basis it really is worth looking into the benefits these easily operated and highly effective machines can offer to your workforce, no matter if you work in a scrap yard, warehouse or ship yard, the possibilities for their use are endless.

When looking to purchase a permanent magnetic lifter, you need to consider a few things. Firstly you need to determine the average weight of the items you will need to be lifting and identify the weight variances you may have over your different steel items. If there is a wide weight variety in the items that you will need to be lifting, it is advisable to invest in several lifting magnets from the standard range to ensure all of your lifting requirements can be safely met.

Aside from the differences in weight of your steel items, you will also need to clarify the shape and size of the metal before a final decision can be made on which lifting magnet you should purchase. Steel parts that have a deeper thickness will require a stronger magnet to lift them. Similarly, the longer the piece of steel and the shape of it will also impact the ability of the magnet, with spherical steel halving the lifting capacity of the magnet when compared against flat steel of the same length.

At the lowest end of the equipment range, lifting magnets can be supplied to support the transportation of steel loads weighing just 100kg. At the other end of the scale, the sixth and largest magnetic lifter from the range is capable of lifting loads of up to 2000kg in a single lift.  The magnetic ability is suited to all ferromagnetic steel loads and can be used on flat, spherical and cubic materials.

Once installed, these safe and easily operated lifting magnets can be effectively used alongside your other lifting equipment to maximise the lifting potential right across your business. They are most commonly used in conjunction with cranes or electric hoists. Cost effective, with no ongoing running costs, once your investment to purchase has been made there are no other operational costs to consider.

So if you’re looking into the potential of purchasing a lifting magnet to support your business, you’ll be well advised to contact a professional team, like those provide by Lifting Equipment Ltd, to receive expert advice from them on which model from the range will be best suited to your needs. With plenty of experience in helping a multitude of businesses find the right lifting equipment for the job, they’ll even come and install it for you and provide you with a safety test certificate as standard.

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