How To Use A Mobile Gantry

The mobile gantry, visit this as supplied by Lifting Equipment Ltd, no rx is a very useful piece of lifting equipment that can be used for stabilising your lifting job requirements when out on location, dosage moving from one job to another. Light to move and easy to assemble, the mobile gantry is made from aluminium or mild steel which means that it can easily be moved by your workforce, loaded onto vehicles and set back up for use in no time at all. With many other types of lifting equipment being rather bulky or heavy to take out on external jobs, it’s no wonder the mobile gantry has become so popular.

What makes the mobile gantry so easy to move and transport is the fact that it is set on castor wheels at the base to allow you to wheel it steadily across your workplace from one site to another, meaning minimum hassle to your workforce and low impact on the schedule of your work in terms of time commitment to get the next job done.

Easy to assemble, once you’ve been shown how, the mobile gantry can be put up or taken down with relative speed and ease. The strength of the unit allows for repetitive assembly in this way without putting a risk on the functionality of the equipment, which has the ability to lift weights up to a massive 5000kg.

One of the great functions of the mobile gantry is its ability to be used on uneven ground surfaces, thanks to the fully adjustable leg lengths on the aluminium models and brakes. Parking Jacks can be used on the legs of steel models for stability on uneven ground. Easily adjusted for each and every job you take on, you can be confident that your lifting equipment will always be supported with full strength and balance; simply adjust the legs to the required length, set in place and start your job. Perfect for use on building and construction sites where the ground surfaces are particularly uneven, jack your mobile gantry up correctly and you’ll have no problems getting the job started.

The mobile gantry offers a versatile and highly useful solution for moving a range of goods and materials around your site with its impressive weight bearing capacity of 5000kg and the flexible function of the castor wheels. In fact no other lifting equipment can offer you such flexibility. Add to this the fact that you can use it in conjunction with your other lifting equipment, such as electric hoists or lifting magnets, the uses for the mobile gantry within your business are endless.

The mobile gantry, as supplied by Lifting Equipment Ltd, is the ideal solution for those looking for a mobile solution to their lifting requirements. Featuring a strong yet lightweight construction, exceptional lifting capacity and easy mobility, you’ll continue to find more and more uses for this easily assembled and highly functional piece of lifting equipment that acts as a perfect complement to many other types of lifting gear.

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