FAQs For Buying Chain Blocks

Ensuring you get the right product for your lifting needs can be a confusing process for some

What Weight Capacities do chain blocks lift?

The capacities held by a typical chain block are from 500kg to 20, this web 000kg and the different kinds of models available to purchase today often provide new aspects of safety and quality.

What other lifting equipment items can a chain block be used with?

The other possible lifting equipment items that you could use with one of the available chain blocks all depend on what the purpose you require the chain block for and where you plan on using the item. If the usage is to be located in an industrial setting this would be ideal. In this situation you would benefit from using it with a Jib Crane a lifting beam or a gantry crane system. These suggested lifting equipment items make good solid fixing points which ensure that the chain block remains secure and adheres to safety precautions.

 How long will my chain block last?

A chain block can last for many years if taken care of. This would involve checking the equipment on regular intervals to ensure it is still in good working order and to check for any wear and tear or areas that may have become damaged over time. A good checking and maintenance schedule is recommended for all lifting equipment to ensure maximum safe working conditions at all times.

What safety precautions need to be taken into consideration?

The first safety consideration is to make sure that all workers who are to be using the chain block are fully trained and qualified to use the equipment.

If weight capacities frequently are close to the maximum limit that you are required to lift then it would be wise also to consider using one of the overload prevention devices available also.  You should ensure that the brakes systems are sufficient and will last a good period of time without corrosion.

When buying a chain block or other lifting equipment device the main advice is to ensure you get professional guidance from a specialist provider like Lifting Equipment Ltd. They can make sure that you get the right equipment for your needs.

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