Electrical Chain Hoists And Wire Rope Hoists Compared

The chain hoist and the wire rope hoist are both electrical devices and are heavy duty machines with plenty of power. This means they are capable of lifting a tonne or more and so are ideal for construction and industrial uses. Essentially, abortion they are perfect for large objects that require lifting and placing elsewhere.

Wire rope hoists use as the name suggests wire as a rope. This sort of rope is made from wire fibre – this is wire strands wrapped together to form a rope. Chains are as you would imagine interlinked  oval links of steel.


The chain hoist will move the chain through a small area or socket and then this chain is deposited behind. The wire rope is different as it is wrapped around a barrel or drum like contraption. This means that it moves a little to the left and the right when being pulled up. In the case of an item or a job that requires millimetre precise lifting, this means that the wire rope hoist may not be ideal and puts the preference in the court of the electrical chain hoist as the ideal piece of lifting equipment.

Chain Hoist

The chain hoist is also a lower price than the wire rope hoist. They also have lower maintenance costs, which means that both the initial and also the upkeep costs are less – something that often means people prefer them.

The steel wire rope is used in a wide range of other applications; however it can be prone to breakage depending on the amount of movement and the strength of the rope. This can mean they are not ideal and is one of the factors in this form of lifting equipment’s higher failure rate.

Wire Rope Hoist

However, the wire rope hoist also is advantageous in some areas and it is known to be much stronger than chains. These items are often used in the case of jobs that are over 10 tonnes or so. They are also able to lift at a far faster rate than the alternative chain hoist and so this means that businesses that require their materials to be lifted quickly prefer them. This efficiency often means that they pay for their extra cost. That said for businesses that require less material to be moved the chain hoist is often the best option and will be more suitable.

Of course, these are merely two of a wide number of different kinds of lifting equipment. However, they are among the most popular due to their ease of use and the fact they are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of different industries.

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