Don’t Put Your Back Out

Is it really safe for man to lift more than 50 kg?

A Jib crane, price mobile gantry, recipe air hoist, for sale ratchet or a beam clamp all have at least one thing in common. They were all designed by man, specifically to aid heavy weight lifting and prevent injury. So, why do body builders lift weights above their capacity just for fun?

Weightlifting is said to be good for the body and mind, improving confidence, and giving a sense of achievement by excelling personal goals. Done over time and gradually it can improve; the cardiovascular function, lower the heart rate and the blood pressure.

However, body builders put a lot of strain on their bodies and in doing so there are always at risks of pulls, tears and even an aneurism. Heavy lifting is not recommended before seeking Professional guidance and carrying out long term training.

In the meantime, if you really need to move that 200kg safe into your office or lift the boiler that needs repairing and don’t fancy the idea of putting your back out or tearing a muscle you, like most others will probably start by looking at lifting equipment.

However, it may seem like a minefield to those who are new to the lifting world due to the vast quantity of lifting equipment out there to suit all your needs big or small. Companies like Lifting equipment direct can help advise you on the right equipment for your lift, you can find them on

But with lifts like repairing the boiler, a mobile gantry may be the ideal piece of equipment for the job. You can get them in aluminium to prevent rusting, they are also lightweight, and portable enabling them to fit easily into restricted areas.

Mobile gantry’s can be levelled for a flat or uneven surface and in fact can be specified fully to the customer requirements with;

  •  Adjustable feet
  • Twin parallel top beams
  • Tripod combo
  • Free standing or permanent installation
  • Fully adjustable with adjustable feet
  • A-frame with twin parallel top beams and adjustable feet

A mobile gantry is specifically designed for stable and safe lifting, they are easily moveable and dismantled for storage. They can be made in mild steel or aluminium with an anodised finish making your piece of equipment not only easy to wash down so that they are suitable for use in clean environments,  but also making them ideal for heavy loads in the water treatment industry too. Meaning you don’t need to be a heavy weight champion to get the job done. Just having the right equipment should provide you with piece of mind and your muscles safe from ripping.

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