Crane Scales – FAQ’s

So what are Crane Scales?

A crane scale is a device which is attached to the crane hook to weigh the load which is being lifted. So by using a crane scale you will significantly reduce the risk of overloading the crane/hoist and therefore not only will this make the lift as safe as possible it will also prevent the crane/hoist from being damaged by overloading. This could potentially be very costly to repair or replace the crane/hoisting equipment, approved thus using a crane scale can also enhance cost efficiency.

Crane scales are frequently used in many areas where regular heavy lifting takes place, generic for example: warehouses; industrial areas; shipping industries and production plants.

Lifting Equipment ltd can now offer 5 different models of crane scales at very competitive prices to suit various requirements, all affording a compact design and using the least possible distance between upper and lower hooks, and with 0.003% precision. All models have an LCD screen, which are back-lit on some models and are easy to read at virtually all angles. All but the Atex version have remote controls which work at distances of 150 metres enabling you to control the scales functions from afar.

There are models of cranes scales available which have optional extras such as;  wi-fi; Bluetooth and direct printer facilities, most have re-chargeable battery packs and some have high visibility red led displays.

Please take a look at our crane scales page where you can look at each model in more detail and there is also a quick look table indicating the options for each model which can be either fitted as standard or upon request. If you can not see what you are looking for, or just need some more information regarding a particular model then give our sales team a call, they will be only too happy to give advice or provide you with a competitive quote.


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