Choosing The Best jib Crane For Your Business

A jib crane or swing jib crane is great for lifting heavy equipment, generic and due to their versatility can be used for a wide variety of work from unloading Lorries, this site to industrial work, healing foundries and mechanics up to bigger jobs. So how do you know which is best for you? Here is a brief outline;

The wall mounted jib;

Can be an inexpensive design but with greater potential for clearance under boom.

Wall mounted fits to a wall or a post and is able to work an area of 180 degree angle of up to 7 metres The wall mounted under braced main feature is it’s easy arm rotation due to having two sections connected by a flexible joint

Freestanding jib;

Mounts onto a permanent concrete foundation and requires no extra supports


Are an ideal solution used for manoeuvring loads in tight and challenging spaces.

Articulated jibs can handle loads between 50 to 1,000kg, over a reaching area of 5m almost full circle – they leave barely any space untouched within the area

Column mounted;

The fully rotational mounted jib takes up less space, has a revolving head at the top and can use an electric motor. It works on an angle of 270 degrees with a reaching area of up to 7 metres

If used electrically it can have push button on upright or on hoist

Swing Jibs cranes are useful in many industries and factories to help with lifting loads efficiently and effectively in a safe working environment. They don’t require building restructuring and can be compact and inexpensive. They are versatile, don’t take up too much floor space, provide a maximum height and are fitted by engineers for safety.

When considering purchasing a swing jib crane, you should always consider the space, height and weight that you need covering. You can discuss this with a professional through the webpage to ensure you are considering the correct equipment for the job on hand.

When using any industrial equipment you should always follow safety regulations and check regularly.

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