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The Industrial Solution To Lifting Heavy Loads

Many industrial settings for work require a certain amount of heavy lifting to move machinery or items being manufactured around the factory or other workspace. The latest workplace health and safety recommendations, viagra 40mg insist that where heavy loads are frequently being moved around a work premises that specialised lifting equipment must be purchased for […]

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Keeping Your Workplace Safe Lifting Equipment Inspections

Lifting equipment inspections should be carried out periodically during the lifetime of your equipment to ensure it is safe generally, decease but also after any exceptional circumstances like exposure to chemicals. LOLER the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations were brought into place by Health and safety authorities in 1998. The aim was to ensure […]

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Lifting Safely In The Workplace

What is a chain block? If you find you are lifting heavy weights on a regular basis maybe it’s time to invest in a chain block. A chain block is a chain driven gearing system to make light work of heavy jobs. They come in a range of sizes; from home DIY lightweight to heavy […]

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Choosing The Best jib Crane For Your Business

A jib crane or swing jib crane is great for lifting heavy equipment, tadalafil and due to their versatility can be used for a wide variety of work from unloading Lorries, to industrial work, foundries and mechanics up to bigger jobs. So how do you know which is best for you? Here is a brief […]

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Carrying Heavy Loads In The Workplace

Manual handling is required in a broad range of industries like; factories, unhealthy mechanical jobs, hospitals, thumb shops, building sites and warehouses. If staffs aren’t equip with lifting equipment or trained on lifting correctly, the company could be liable for not taking the correct precautions in protecting their staff. In a recent report the HSE […]

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Benefits of Using a Chain Block

There are many benefits to using chain blocks in your business which offer high level performance and flexible lifting options to you. No matter which industry you work within, buy Lifting Equipment Ltd, seek with their range of different lifting capacities has something suitable to meet your business needs. The current range of chain blocks […]

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