Caring For Your Chain Block

Lifting equipment is designed to lift and lower heavy loads under a controlled manoeuvre. In a situation with no electricity or where it is too dangerous for an electric hoist, sick a manual chain block may be used.

Hand chain hoist can be supplied with a hook suspension and a hand pushed or hand geared trolley to suit a range of beam widths.

There are a range of chain blocks on the market and lifting equipment direct can advise you on the right one for your needs. If maintained well, abortion your chain block will last you for years to come. To look after your chain block you should ensure you follow monthly maintenance checks for normal usage or even more so for frequent use.

You should always keep your equipment dry, cost clean and greased. Bearings and hooks should be cleaned at least once a year for normal usage, however if used more frequently this should be adjusted to suit. A dry lubricant can be used if in a dusty area.  Ratchet disks should be greased but  ratchet teeth should not be, pawl pins, screw parts and pinions should also be greased and any old grease should be wiped away before adding more.  Chain pins should also be lubricated twice a year for normal use or more frequently for frequent use.

If disassembled it should only be reassembled if qualified to do so and by using correct manufacturers guidelines, and your equipment should be serviced monthly for normal use. To keep your chain block in good working order you should;

  • Replace any worn or damaged parts
  • Not attempt to lengthen the load chain
  • Never exceed the recommended weight capacity
  • Never use as a sling
  • Store in a cool dry place away from corrosives
  • Clean regularly with a wire brush to get in-between small areas
  • Oil the chain regularly, but never the brakes
  • Check all bolts are tight and chain isn’t twisted before use
  • If you hear any strange noises or abnormalities please ensure you stop use and have you equipment checked for faults
  • Use any safety hooks that are fitted
  • Check the lowest hook can reach the bottom before running out
  • If dropped or damaged, checks should be carried out before use

A chain block is a productive piece of equipment and is useful in direct lifting. It is particularly used in garages hauling engines and chassis, lifting furniture into high buildings. A chain block, is also known as a block and tackle, and is relied upon in many fields of lifting, from mining to industrial. Due to its nature, caring for a chain block is imperative not only for ensuring its long life, but also to ensure the safety of others.

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