Benefits of Using a Chain Block

There are many benefits to using chain blocks in your business which offer high level performance and flexible lifting options to you. No matter which industry you work within, buy Lifting Equipment Ltd, seek with their range of different lifting capacities has something suitable to meet your business needs. The current range of chain blocks includes models designed for both indoor and outdoor use, for sale with manual chain hoists, 360 degree hand rotatable chains, tower lifts and trolleys, ensuring no matter where you need to use them, for whatever job you have in mind, there is something on offer to complete the job.

The good thing about Yale chain blocks is that they can be used outside and are particularly effective when used in restricted spaces where headroom may be low. They are produced from high-tensile, non-ageing steel which makes these chain blocks extremely strong and yielding and means that they won’t break, even in the event of accidental overloading. The link chains are constructed from zinc plated alloy steel and all of the hooks are supplied fitted with tough safety latches as standard. Capable of rotating through a full 360 degrees, no job is too complicated or restricted.

Manual chain hoists and 360 degree rotating hand chains have the benefit of being supplied in a range of weight capacities that start from 500kg and go up to 20,000kg. This means that they can provide you with a lifting solution for all occasions. Constructed from tough steel, a manual hoist is extremely efficient and works with minimum friction. They are designed with full safety features to prevent the hand chain from ever de-railing or blocking during a job and the correct alignment of the chain over the load sheave is guaranteed by the built in guide rollers and chain stripper. To bring extra life to your investment, all chain hoists are protected from early corrosion by the inclusion of chromalized brake parts.

The benefits of using a 360 rotating hand chain are that it can of course provide the most flexible range of uses within your working environment. Safe to operate, any trained operator will be able to work from any angle they choose, no matter how small or restricted the workspace may be. What’s more, the 360 chain block is designed with an overload prevention device to ensure that you are always working within safe working limits. To make things easier, you have the added benefit of being able to safely operate the hand chain from either side of the material load and can pull the loads in either vertical or horizontal direction, as required.

Lifting Equipment Ltd completes their range of chain block lifting equipment with Towerlifts and Trolleys. Towerlifts are manual chain hoists that are specifically designed to be used on fixed traversing tower systems. They are offered in weight lifting capacities of 1000Kg to 2000Kg. Finally, their Trolleys are available in weight lifting capacities from 500kg to 10,000kg and are very useful if you need to work in restricted height areas as they can easily be adjusted to fit your individual beam profile for maximum flexibility. With a maximum lifting capacity of 3000kg, these trolleys feature a single fall chain and anti tilt and anti drop mechanisms, as standard.

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