Accident Prevention When Using A Chain Block

It’s part of life that accidents happen, this web whether they end in a graze a bump or a fatality is the crucial factor. Accidents are an inevitable part of life, help even in the workplace when safety precautions are taken seriously. Often human error is a common cause of accidents that may only take a second to turn nasty. Which is why, as an employer it is so important to stay on top of training, teaching your staff to be safety conscious and naturally aware of the implications of their actions, not only towards themselves but as courtesy to their work mates too. And using your chain block is no exception.

A chain block may be a widely used piece of equipment, if purchased through an experienced provider like it will have been given a thorough examination on purchase, however once you have the equipment in your hands it is your responsibility. And you need to make sure you are following safety procedures, for instance;

  •  Before use, you must ensure the operator is fully trained and responsible.
  • That the operator knows how to communicate in a noisy environment before taking any action.
  •  That the surface is flat or the equipment is secure
  •  That the equipment is inspected prior to use.
  •  That it is undamaged, clean and dry before it goes into storage for the next person.
  •   That the hoist is the correct length
  •  That you have selected the correct lifting equipment for the lift, remembering that chain blocks are designed for vertical lifting

Your job in using the equipment is to do so safely, efficiently and without damaging it, anything or anyone around it! In doing so you must always ensure that;

  •   The hook is positioned directly over the load
  •   The chain is not being used to wrap around the load without a hook
  •  The hook is not overcrowded
  •  Weight restrictions are always followed
  •  You avoid sudden movements that may cause the load to swing out of control
  •  People are not able to walk under the load, whilst it is in the air.
  •  That all protective covers are intact.

A chain block is an efficient and helpful piece of equipment allowing one person the advantage of lifting heavier and higher than he would otherwise normally be capable of. This is by the use of a simple pulling method. But much like all equipment in the workplace it should be respected and procedures should be followed for the safety of yourself and of those around you. Each piece of equipment will have specific safety guidelines that should be implemented and followed. In following them and learning to use the equipment properly you will find your chain block to be a useful and helpful tool to have around.

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