A Short Guide In Buying A Used Electric Hoist

You may be contemplating purchasing an electric hoist for your lifting needs’, illness if so, sickness you have made a good choice! Most owners find them to be a great investment.

However, if your main concern is the initial outlay, you might want to consider looking at used electric hoists.

This shouldn’t mean looking for the lowest quality or priced hoist that you can find, after all the safety of your equipment should be paramount, due to the risks involved if there were any weaknesses. It is therefore still a high quality lasting piece of machinery even when it is sold as second hand or refurnished.

Therefore there are a few aspects you will need to consider;

  1. Is there any wear & Tear?
  2. Are there any faults?
  3. Has it been stored correctly, cared for and maintained, ensuring there is no corrosion?

Just the same as if you purchased your hoist brand new you should be provided with safety guidelines that must be adhered to, and you will be expected to offer any staff full training before they attempt to operate.

The crane of an electric hoist is attached to a solid structure, which will offer support for the load. If you are using weights that are imbalanced you can counter balance the hoist for stability. During use you should ensure that the weight restriction is always maintained. This makes lifting an easy job for one man, without any strain.

As established, an electric hoist can be expensive and you can save money by buying your hoist second-hand, however you may still need to spend a reasonable amount of money to ensure that it is a decent piece of equipment. But also what you can consider is; time efficiency,lack of man power required and the saving of injuries that will save a considerable amount of money, making your equipment pay for itself, sometimes within the first 12 months

Many people are said to purchase an electric hoist just for the safety aspect, hence no more sick pay, compensation or other costs due to strained backs and trapped nerves, proving the efficiency of said piece of equipment. Your electric hoist will serve you for years to come and when you calculate the accumulated costs without it, you will soon establish how money efficient it actually is.

Some larger companies like; Lifting equipment direct, have a skilled team who actually manufacture, repair and service the equipment in house 24/7. So that you know, that if you purchase a piece of equipment from them, that they are able to offer their expertise and care in restoring any used equipment so that all new or used electric hoists are a safe and quality purchase.

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